LinqToSql Plus Batch Operations


Bulk operations method gives you additional flexibility by allowing to customize options such as primary key, columns, include childs entities and more.

They are also faster than BulkSubmitChanges since they don't use the ChangeTracker and doesn't call the DetectChanges method.

Bulk Operations Available:

Bulk Operations Examples

// Easy to use

// Easy to customize
context.BulkMerge(customers, bulk => bulk.ColumnPrimaryKeyExpression = customer => customer.Code; });


Using the ChangeTracker to detect and persist change automatically is great! However, almost every application has some particular scenario which requires some customization and better performance.

By example:

  • Inserting thousands of hundreds of data with child entities
  • Updating only some particular fields
  • Merging a list of customers using the code instead of the key

Performance Comparisons

Operations 1,000 Entities 2,000 Entities 5,000 Entities
SubmitChanges 1,000 ms 2,000 ms 5,000 ms
BulkInsert 6 ms 10 ms 15 ms
BulkUpdate 50 ms 55 ms 65 ms
BulkDelete 45 ms 50 ms 60 ms
BulkMerge 65 ms 80 ms 110 ms

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