LinqToSql Plus AuditEntries


Get INSERTED and DELETED data when UseAudit option is enabled.

List<AuditEntry> auditEntries = new List<AuditEntry>();

context.BulkSaveChanges(options =>
	options.UseAudit = true;
	options.BulkOperationExecuted = bulkOperation => auditEntries.AddRange(bulkOperation.AuditEntries);

foreach (var entry in auditEntries)
    foreach (var value in entry.Values)
        var oldValue = value.OldValue;
        var newValue = value.NewValue;


Logging old value and new value is often useful to keep a history of changes in the database or file.


Why enabling this option decreases the performance?

Enabling this option will require additional data to be returned from the database.

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